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Mozilla & Gecko clones In a recent interview with Mozilla's Chris Blizzard talks about the rising competition by Google Chrome, the evolution of the web platform and the prospects for WebM. He also promises that Firefox 4 will be "one generation ahead" of other browsers in relation to Javascript speed.
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My preference is with Firefox...
by jaklumen on Thu 19th Aug 2010 01:21 UTC
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2010-02-09 matter how much Thom and the others here are fawning over Chrome.

Don't get me wrong-- I've used Chrome, both on Windows and as it's been coming along for Debian, and I still do. I see how much faster Javascript times are and how much it has improved page load times.

But I want my extensions. Chrome has no SearchEngine extension; I use that drop-down menu in Firefox repeatedly for all the sites I use regularly. That alone speeds up a good deal of my surf time. Chrome (understandably, this is Google) does not have a comprehensive AdBlock extension; yes, I am evil and block practically all ads.

In short, I know extensions can bog a browser down, but when they are truly useful to my productivity, I will take the tradeoff, even as things currently stand. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to whatever Javascript improvements Mozilla can muster.

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