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Mozilla & Gecko clones In a recent interview with Mozilla's Chris Blizzard talks about the rising competition by Google Chrome, the evolution of the web platform and the prospects for WebM. He also promises that Firefox 4 will be "one generation ahead" of other browsers in relation to Javascript speed.
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Chrome Is Very Nice, but Firefox Still Better
by kwanbis on Thu 19th Aug 2010 04:00 UTC in reply to "Really?"
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I'm a Netscape -> IE -> Mozilla Suite -> Firefox user.

I was not afraid to change from Netscape to IE when I realized IE was much better than Netscape 4.5.

I was surely happy to come back to Mozilla Suite when I realized how much better Mozilla Suite was compared to IE.

And I was very happy to jump boat to Firebird as soon as it was usable.

I have tried Opera since the times it fit a floppy, and I could never get use to it.

I even tried kameleon, safari, and countless others.

I mean, I'm not married to any of the browsers, so i'm not worried to change.

I have been trying Chrome weekly, and while it is a great browser, the truth is that it is not as fast as people claim. At least not to me.

Chrome is fast only for the first tabs. But if you are like me, and have near 20 to 40 tabs open you would start seeing not only how much memory it uses, but how slow it makes the system in general, and Chrome in particular.

And I have a 4GB i3, with Windows 64 bits.

Maybe Chrome takes 200 ms vs firefox 300 ms at doing some weird Javascript, but for me, Firefox is much more responsive than Chrome.

And Chrome does not even have real extensions.

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