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Intel Chalk this one up on the 'uh, what?'-list of acquisitions. Intel announced today that it has acquired Mcafee, the security and antivirus company we all know and love. The press release is a bit vague on why, exactly, Intel made this rather odd acquisition.
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Your explanation of McAfee's other products makes sense. Though I'm still not sure they're worth the money they got paid because their biggest product (McAfee AntiVirus) sucks. That product has had more false positives than most other antivirus products combined. The worst was when it identified svchost.exe as a virus, removed the file, and sent users' computers into an infinite reboot loop. You couldn't pay me to use their antivirus software.

But perhaps their other software isn't as bad and maybe Intel has big plans for that. In any event, this is definitely a weird purchase and at a surprisingly high price.

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