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Intel Chalk this one up on the 'uh, what?'-list of acquisitions. Intel announced today that it has acquired Mcafee, the security and antivirus company we all know and love. The press release is a bit vague on why, exactly, Intel made this rather odd acquisition.
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RE[3]: anti fail
by sakeniwefu on Fri 20th Aug 2010 01:47 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: anti fail"
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Except you have to be at least educated enough to know 'chmod +x' to anything you just download off the internet.

|-> extract to...
Britney_Spears_nude_001.jpg rwxr-xr-x 1 1 10021
*Double click*

And, if some day the distros make the home partition noexec by default, make that Porn_Downloader.deb or Ubuntu_Antivirus_2011.deb which is only a bit less likely to convince the victim and gives the malware root access.

Then at least they'll only hose their own data, and as well they should, but it'd be difficult for a normal 'stupid' user to make his PC into a zombie for spammers for example.

Malware only needs to take over the user. root permissions aren't necessary to send mails or to open ports to receive instructions.

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