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BeOS & Derivatives "Back in mid-2001, when the news that Be Inc. had sold its intellectual property to Palm hit the streets, what many had suspected and rumored for quite some time - that BeOS development was headed towards closure - finally became a reality. This news and the sad realization that it ensued hit hard the developers and users of BeOS; but many of them did not give up on the idea of letting the operating system of their dreams die, and instead embarked on the daunting task of recreating BeOS in an open source fashion. This is how OpenBeOS - now known as the Haiku Project -- was born."
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RE[2]: Not bad..
by jmayfield on Fri 20th Aug 2010 02:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Not bad.."
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huh.. modded down, i didn't say i thought it was a failure, i just dont see how 'ah HA! told ya!' applies in regards to the link. I dont think she said people wouldnt continue to work on it and eventually get it done..just that in her opinion, it was a failure because it wasnt done already.

anyway... no big deal, just didnt think i was pointing out anything controversial...

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