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Hardware, Embedded Systems "A computer chip that performs calculations using probabilities, instead of binary logic, could accelerate everything from online banking systems to the flash memory in smart phones and other gadgets. Rewriting some fundamental features of computer chips, Lyric Semiconductor has unveiled its first "probability processor," a silicon chip that computes with electrical signals that represent chances, not digital 1s and 0s."
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RE: Looks like a very, VERY old idea
by talaf on Fri 20th Aug 2010 11:17 UTC in reply to "Looks like a very, VERY old idea"
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It is indeed called that, and it's extensively used in expert systems and all kind of decision systems, in IA, etc. Moving it to hardware may be a good idea, although not unlike quantum computing you'll have to rethink every algorithm in a "fuzzy" way, and it won't be useable nor interesting for every task. Probably as a coprocessor of some kind.

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