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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's clearly summer in some parts of the world, since news has been particularly slow the past few days. In other words, I have to scrounge up something to talk about, so let's talk about another apparent victim of Apple's and Google's success in the mobile space. RIM launched its Torch mobile phone to much fanfare not too long ago, but early reviews were negative, and now sales aren't really stellar either. What more can RIM do?
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iPhone not for everyone
by perfopt on Sat 21st Aug 2010 14:40 UTC
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Yes iPhone is an awesome device - I have the 1st gen but when it dies I do not intend to get another iPhone (4 or 5 or whatever).

I use Macs and Linux at home, Win7/Xp at work. I use an iPhone 1st gen as my regular phone and have also used the Sony Xperia X10 mini running Android.

iOS on iPhone is like using a Mac. The software is well thought through and very well integrated with the h/w. Very nice. A little slow but very nice.

Android is like Windows7/XP on a PC. Works well most of the time but gives me more trouble than a Mac. Android will always be the most popular OS on handheld devices but will always have less than desired integration with h/w.

iPhone 3GS in my country sells for "full price" ($800) and still comes locked to a network. At that price I can get a netbook!! iPhone 4 is not yet here but rumored to cost $1022 when launched!!

I got my iPhone 2G used for $150 and jail-broke it. It is the cheapest smart phone I have bought. But I'm not going to shell out $1K for a smart phone (also given Apple's extremely sucky after sales support in my country if I am the unlucky guy with the rare phone that has problems I am screwed).

I want a device that will have a moderately large screen, sync with my computers, have decent email, and browsing support. Blackberry has well constructed phones and the OS is designed for only BB phones - reasonably well tested and integrated with h/w. BB Torch looks like it may fit the bill.

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