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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The Nexenta Core Platform marches on with the release of version 3.0 of the OpenSolaris based distribution, based on b134. It has also officially unveiled plans of moving from OpenSolaris to Illumos, the fully open branch of OpenSolaris. It will also now plan on moving to a new userland release. Grab the iso here.
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RE: I have to admit
by Dubhthach on Sat 21st Aug 2010 18:59 UTC in reply to "I have to admit"
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OpenSolaris/Illumos uses the FreeBSD wireless network stack. This is shared with both NetBSD (where it had originated) and OpenBSD (since 3.6). Several wireless drivers have been ported to OpenSolaris from both FreeBSD and OpenBSD (rum for example)

This wireless stack (net80211) has also been ported to Haiku as can be seen in the article here:

There is also a project to port it to Mac OSX. Having a common Unix architecture for generic ieee80211 layer is a good idea in my opinion.

net80211 originated in NetBSD from what I recall before been adapted by FreeBSD and subsequently improved. There was an attempt to bring it into Linux but it was seen by some kernel developers as been "tainted" due to it's *BSD origin.

Generally I find the best support on laptops comes from those that are labeled as "Centrino"

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