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BeOS & Derivatives This summer, too, the Haikuproject is part of the Google Summer of Code event. One of the more interesting projects is the Services Kit (draft document!) by Christophe "Shusui" Huriaux, which is an API to facilitate the creation of native web-enabled programs using standard web protocols and data exchange mechanisms.
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RE[5]: Strain
by smitty on Sun 22nd Aug 2010 03:45 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Strain"
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Try loading both modern OS's up with 6 avi streams and 10 MP3 streams and then get back to me about how wonderful the User Environment is.

Even on modern accelerated hardware bot OS's will crawl. BeOS was doing this on 10 year old hardware with no audio, frame drops or non responsive UI without the power of computing we have to day.

Chalk and Cheese.

I did just that in addition to having a few browser windows open, and I'm not noticing any issues at all. CPU use is hovering around 10% and i can't even find a single stutter to complain about.

Now I'll admit that Haiku could probably do this on slower hardware than what I'm running, but I don't think a Q6600 CPU, 4GB RAM, and a Radeon 3870 GPU are that much more powerful than what the typical user runs today.

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