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BeOS & Derivatives This summer, too, the Haikuproject is part of the Google Summer of Code event. One of the more interesting projects is the Services Kit (draft document!) by Christophe "Shusui" Huriaux, which is an API to facilitate the creation of native web-enabled programs using standard web protocols and data exchange mechanisms.
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RE[6]: Forward thinking
by umccullough on Sun 22nd Aug 2010 05:49 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Forward thinking"
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is there some way to track how far along they are in terms of implementation? do they have a goal for the final R1 release or is it more a situation of plodding along and focusing on the quality rather than an arbitrary time table?

I'd say it simply became too hard to track.

At this point, it's not so much "what's done, and what isn't", but rather: "What apps run, and for those that don't, do we really care?"

I'm not sure anyone really has a clear idea of what is incomplete these days. I know the media kit is still missing encoding support, but beyond that, the parts that are lacking BeOS R5 support are either few, or unimportant I guess.

These days, people are more interested in when Haiku will support their specific hardware, or support WiFi, etc.

As for when R1 might emerge... I couldn't answer that ;) There seems to be a desire for rock-solid quality before the core devs will sign off on that.

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