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BeOS & Derivatives This summer, too, the Haikuproject is part of the Google Summer of Code event. One of the more interesting projects is the Services Kit (draft document!) by Christophe "Shusui" Huriaux, which is an API to facilitate the creation of native web-enabled programs using standard web protocols and data exchange mechanisms.
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RE[6]: Strain
by Valhalla on Sun 22nd Aug 2010 15:59 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Strain"
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That was a cool BeOS ability 10 years ago, not so much today. Any modern OS running on moderate hardware is up to that task these days.
BeOS was cool and Haiku is cool but running 10 mp3's and 6 videos won't be the selling point today.

True, but it depends on wether that is because the hardware is so much better nowadays that every OS can play lots of videos simultaneously or if the OSes themselves have catched up with Beos high level of responsiveness. When I do computionally heavy things like rendering/compression/encoding on Windows and Linux the system can become slow and slightly unresponsive (particularly on windows), this never happened back on Beos so it will be interesting to try maxing out Haiku once it matures a bit more to see if this still holds true. Hell, even copying a large file slows down user interaction in windows/linux from time to time which is probably fine for a server os, but for a desktop os I rather have the file copying 5-10 seconds slower and have a fully interactive system while it copies. In my opinion responsiveness should always trump throughput in a desktop environment.

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