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BeOS & Derivatives This summer, too, the Haikuproject is part of the Google Summer of Code event. One of the more interesting projects is the Services Kit (draft document!) by Christophe "Shusui" Huriaux, which is an API to facilitate the creation of native web-enabled programs using standard web protocols and data exchange mechanisms.
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RE[8]: Strain
by kallisti5 on Mon 23rd Aug 2010 14:18 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Strain"
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Maybe it's because in Win7 you can actually do stuff. In BeOS/Haiku, not so much, apart from watching a teapot spinning. Kinda reminds me of the whole Compiz spinning cube hype. The more things change...

What do you define as 'doing stuff' that Haiku can't?

I can:
* Browse the web with a modern webkit browser
* Connect to wifi
* Play console games via emulators.
* Edit images with the Pixel Image editor
* Edit videos with Clockwerk
* Download torrents with transmission
* Program in c/c++/python/perl
* Chat on Jabber
* Burn CD's
* Install numerous apps from BeBits,HaikuFire,or Haikuware

...Just to name a few tasks... Not bad for a Alpha os ;)

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