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Linux Lennart Poettering has posted a status update about systemd, an init/upstart alternative. systemd is able now to replace /etc/fstab and cron, and it seems it will be the default init system for Fedora 14. He has also written a post about systemd for administrators.
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RE: system D looks very promising
by cranfordio on Mon 23rd Aug 2010 15:55 UTC in reply to "system D looks very promising"
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I can't say I know the technical merits, but as I understand it launchd is supposed to do all this and has been open source for years. Isn't this sort of reinventing the wheel? It seems to me that if there is already a system out there for nix based systems to manage all this, shouldn't that be improved upon instead of creating something new? But it may be that these two do different things, I am not sure.

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