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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Here's the dirty little secret about Android: After all the work Apple did to get AT&T to relinquish device control for the iPhone and all the great efforts Google made to get the FCC and the U.S. telecoms to agree to open access rules as part of the 700 MHz auction, Android is taking all of those gains and handing the power back to the telecoms.
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Comment by AnythingButVista
by AnythingButVista on Mon 23rd Aug 2010 18:26 UTC
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There are three mobile operating systems I will avoid at all costs: 1. iOS, 2. Android and 3. Windows Phone 7.

If I have to put up with smartphones crippled by either evil manufacturers/developers (Apple, Google, Microsoft) or evil carriers (all US wireless carriers), there's no point in having a smartphone at all. I'd rather have a dumbphone in those cases.

For what is worth, BlackBerry is working OK for me while I'm waiting for some TRULY OPEN smartphone platform to emerge. The moment I have to jailbrak a BlackBerry to install whatever I want outside RIM's app store, BlackBerry will be dead to me as well.

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