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Windows Can you believe it's been only six months since Microsoft first unveiled its brand-new and most likely last-ditch effort to regain some significance in the smartphone market? Well, today the company announced that the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools will go gold September 16, and applications submissions will be accepted from early October onwards.
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Lots of luck
by imaginant on Mon 23rd Aug 2010 18:41 UTC
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Microsoft's version of Gold is pyrite. Balmer is in such denial and so without a clue that this company is unable to create ANY strategy that would would give its cellular phone products credibility. I don't dislike Microsoft and have a really treasured Sony Vaio laptop with windows 7 which has been absolutely problem free. I have a very nice iMac, but prefer my Sony Laptop.

Phones on the other hand are a different matter. Even if Balmer were to go (we can only hope), I think they would still be coming to the game too late. The Zune is an example of this. Once again, not a bad product, but without any of the qualities that make the iPod so compelling. Qualities which seem to be invisible to Microsoft designers. Hey, if you don't get it, you don't get that you don't get it. Sad really.

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