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Linux Lennart Poettering has posted a status update about systemd, an init/upstart alternative. systemd is able now to replace /etc/fstab and cron, and it seems it will be the default init system for Fedora 14. He has also written a post about systemd for administrators.
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launchd vs systemd
by Lunitik on Tue 24th Aug 2010 00:55 UTC
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Why are people even discussing launchd? It doesn't integrate with almost anything on a Linux system, and would be much more work than what systemd is requiring. If people were fine with that, they'd have just stuck with upstart, but Linux has many mechanisms that simply aren't valid on an Apple system, and upstart is intentionally generic, so by design doesn't take advantage of a lot things systemd will.

If it turns out Lennart is going in the wrong direction, we'll just go to whatever is the next best option at that time, but does launchd even function on a Linux system in the most basic of use cases right now? No, so drop the subject already.

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