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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Here's the dirty little secret about Android: After all the work Apple did to get AT&T to relinquish device control for the iPhone and all the great efforts Google made to get the FCC and the U.S. telecoms to agree to open access rules as part of the 700 MHz auction, Android is taking all of those gains and handing the power back to the telecoms.
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I think you misunderstand. You can, like joshv said at least on his phone (and my Nexus One), install anything you want without rooting, jail breaking or whatever. You just check a box in the settings to allow "Unknown sources" and you can install any .apk you lay your hands on. ;)

Some stuff like screenshot programs and stuff doesn't work without root tho I've heard. But I think that's just for security so apps can't screenshot what you're doing and send it to the internet somewhere for example.

I'm kind of sorry for you guys tho that the carriers over in the US are such bitches. ;)

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