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Multimedia, AV Earlier today I bought a $10 album from iTumes, which I wish I hadn't. The reviews were glorious, and the previews not indicative. Listening to the album all I could hear was hipster drivel. Obviously, I wanted my money back. Well, bad luck. iTunes won't give refunds. I tweeted about it, and a friend suggested Rdio. Rdio, a brand new streaming service, currently offers a 3-day free trial -- without the need for a credit card. For $5 let's you stream their huge library on your desktop via an Adobe AIR app or browser, and for $10 let's you also stream from Android/BBerry/iOS, plus be able to sync your music with you offline on these devices. Unlike and Pandora, Rdio let's you stream on-demand.
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RE: Adobe Air
by Morgan on Tue 24th Aug 2010 14:04 UTC in reply to "Adobe Air"
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Ummm...Adobe Air works on Windows (of course), Macs and Linux.

Granted, there's no BSD, Solaris, Haiku, MenuetOS, or DOS versions, but it's still a hell of a lot more alternative OS support than most software companies provide. Newsflash: Most companies couldn't give a shit about even Mac and Linux support, as long as the Windows userbase is covered. I'm not necessarily a fan of Adobe, but hell, at least they are making an effort!

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