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Games A rumor has been going around for about four months now that Valve is coming out with a Linux version of Steam and had a lot of people in the Linux community very excited. However Valve have officially killed the rumor. And it is not what people wants to hear - there is no Linux version of Steam in development.
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RE[5]: Too bad.
by deathshadow on Tue 24th Aug 2010 18:25 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Too bad."
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When will people stop repeating this myth? Your average game just needs SDL and OpenGL. You can pretty much assume that those are installed, and you can statically link against everything else. It's really not very hard.

Unless SDL on linux's audio latency is too low for what you want to do. Unless the input latency is too low or doesn't support half the devices you want to... Unless a change to the kernel or a different version of the static libraries is present than the one's your linked against breaking the whole thing forcing a recompile... Which if you don't want to release the source to your code due to how easy that would make it to pirate, as if all the code monkeys reverse engineering binaries to bypass checks isn't bad enough?

See why Loki Software was damned near stillborn. Doesn't help that even the binary drivers are like driving with the parking brake on even when allegedly it's the same drivers working through an abstraction. I didn't buy a GTX 260 SLI rig to have no SLI, no CUDA, no Physx, and to have my single GTX 260 perform like a 9800GT.

Though admittedly, I game in linux all the time -- on my Dingoo running Dingux in emulators.... and on my droid. Amazing how linux becomes a viable gaming platform and practical for daily consumer use once you get that fat bloated pig X11 out of the equation.

"And on top of it all there is a hostile attitude towards proprietary software.

Most people are not like that. Linux users in general are less likely to pirate software, and will generally be willing to pay more for it.
Not any of the free{sexual preference slur deleted}'s I know. Mind you that may be a vocal minority, but damn they're vocal. See all the whackjobs who hate Ubuntu just because it gives the OPTION of using restricted files and comes with the multiverse enabled by default. (what, don't remember the total outrage over that decision?)

See Linux users payed almost twice as much as Windows users, and more than Mac users too.

Probably because zero windows users and less than zero Mac users gave a flying **** about the outdated half-assed indie games listed? You mention that to windows users 99% of them are going to go "What the **** is that?" -- I know I did.

You aren't going to drive Windows gamers in droves to spend money on games that have been in the $10 a pop bargain bin for over two years the same year ME2, MW2 and SC2 drop.

While your people who buy into the snake oil 'free as in freedom' rhetoric it's one of the few choices they have... ending up a bit like the old Mac joke:

"There are good games on the Mac, you know they're all good games because you played them three or four years ago on PC"

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