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Intel "Intel Corporation announced an important advance in the quest to use light beams to replace the use of electrons to carry data in and around computers. The company has developed a research prototype representing the world's first silicon-based optical data connection with integrated lasers. The link can move data over longer distances and many times faster than today's copper technology; up to 50 gigabits of data per second. This is the equivalent of an entire HD movie being transmitted each second."
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"It would if you're talking about a Blu-Ray version. 50 gigs is the typical amount a bd disk can hold.

Wrong type of 'gigs'. Storage is in gigabytes, but network performance is in gigabits per second - hence the comment in the parent post about "every 8 seconds".

But even then, most people use ~10 bits per byte for communication over network mediums due to the overhead incurred for flow control, error correction, packet headers, etc.

In this case, though, I suppose 8 bits per byte is suitable since it's a chip's throughput ;)

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