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Windows In what has surprised me greatly, nobody has submitted anything to us regarding this day in the history of computing. Sure, memories of her may not be fond, and with the magical unicorn power of hindsight you'd rather forget you ever dated her so intensely, but she served a purpose. She led a revolution that changed the world forever, and while you may have hoped for a more charismatic leader, I think it's unfair not to honour the fact that she turned 15 today.
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RE: I'd just like to know but.
by bryanv on Wed 25th Aug 2010 01:47 UTC in reply to "I'd just like to know but."
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Oh it's out there.

The company I work at has industrial machines which were produced about 13 years ago, by companies no longer in business.

Guess what the last OS these machines can interface with was?

You guessed it. Windows 95 with 16-bit drivers.

Until we replace the (very very expensive) machines, it'll be cheaper to limp win95 along -- even if that does mean running it in VMware on a newer hunk of hardware... which yes, has happened in a few cases.

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