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Intel "Intel Corporation announced an important advance in the quest to use light beams to replace the use of electrons to carry data in and around computers. The company has developed a research prototype representing the world's first silicon-based optical data connection with integrated lasers. The link can move data over longer distances and many times faster than today's copper technology; up to 50 gigabits of data per second. This is the equivalent of an entire HD movie being transmitted each second."
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RE[2]: Not impressed
by Neolander on Wed 25th Aug 2010 14:39 UTC in reply to "RE: Not impressed"
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Exactly. Integrating optical data transfer on a chip + using the wavelength multiplexing capabilities = making much, much faster buses. And opening the way for all-optical data processing in the future, which means little to no heat generation (which in turn means no more stupid fans. And cubic or spherical chip design instead of those boring plastic pancakes if you want it to be so), extreme parallelism, no more costly energy conversions in optical data transmission...

Integrating 50 GBps optical transmission on a chip is very exciting ;) It's knowingly possible to make long-distance transfers at much faster speed, but it's the "integrated" word that matters here

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