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Mozilla & Gecko clones Today, Mozilla released the fourth beta of Firefox 4.0. After a period of what I would call stagnation, the Mozilla team are back on track with delivering interesting UI concepts. They were sensible enough to copy Chrome's excellent tabs-on-top UI, but have now also added something called Panorama, a new and very interesting way of managing your open tabs.
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RE: Poor window management
by wannabe geek on Wed 25th Aug 2010 23:34 UTC in reply to "Poor window management"
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In my opinion, good window management and tab management should be part of the window manager. If any application thinks it has to implement tabs or any sort of MDI to be good, then the window manager has failed.

Agreed. That sounds like a typical case of the "inner platform effect": But of course, in practice, using ION3 or dwm has its drawbacks, so browser tabs come handy.

Also, if the problem is that nobody wants to open a new web browser window because doing so would be too slow, then that's another issue.

The obvious solution is for the app to improve its support for multiple windows. Maybe the ultimate solution would be RAM data deduplication, which may also make it possible to use static linking where it wouldn't make sense at present.

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