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Multimedia, AV A couple of days ago we talked about how the RIAA and NAB are planning on asking US Congress to mandate FM radio chips inside every cell phone. This plan was met with some ridicule, so the NAB decided to write a blog post addressing the critics. Most of the post is overshadowed by an overdose of America's favourite national pastime: WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE. 9/11!
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Why must he constrain himself to the point that best makes your argument?

Sure, death by terrorist is less likely than death by bathtub, but there are millions of ways to die and a subset of those can be avoided via emergency broadcasts.

One thing the Blog nailed is the fact that this really is a pro-consumer mandate. Forget emergencies, I have to stream radio over my data plan to catch a sporting event, and when the leagues picked up on this they prevented dissemination.

It's not like I can just chose a phone with FM either. I'm limited by my funds, my contract with my provider, and what they carry as to what phone I can get. While I could have selected a phone with an FM chip (probably), it would not have been the Moto Droid, which is what I wanted.

Like the blog said, if draining your battery is your concern, then don't use it. But I want the feature, and I don't know who wouldn't for a few pennies (or even a dollar) per unit. Most people round here get their phones for free with the plan anyway.

And how is this any different than mandating seat belts in cars? Seat belts save around 10,000 lives per years. You could argue that an FM receiver won't save that many, but I could argue that under the right (or wrong) set of circumstances, an FM receiver could save more. I could also argue that, unlike seat belts, no one is forcing you to use the FM receiver.

If you wanna make the argument that the government is too involved in drug use, prostitution, where you can and can't smoke cigarettes, how runny a restaurant can make an egg, making sure said eggs don't have pathogens like E. Coli (oops), then I'm with you.

There are so many better things to get all huffy about.

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