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GNU, GPL, Open Source The InfoWorld Test Center rounds up of the past year in open source, highlighting the best open source offerings in several software categories: "The word 'best' here can mean many things. It is sometimes equivalent to 'most promising', 'most surprising', 'most subversive', 'most unnerving', 'most opportune', 'most happening', or some weird, inchoate mixture of them all. The one thing it always means is 'most useful' - to developers, IT administrators, and users on a business network." From enterprise apps, to app dev tools, to platforms and middleware, to networking software, the list is expansive, including 39 hybrid license and community offerings.
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It's a good starting point
by namakemono on Thu 26th Aug 2010 18:40 UTC
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For someone looking Open Source products.
Recently I planned with some friends to make a VM and install there some development environments, just for the fun of learning different languages than we have used to. The idea was to merge products in one single VM, but separate each environment by logon - example: webruby user's logon is prepared to develop Ruby apps for web.
This list will be useful for us. Definitely there are a lot of things to play with.

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