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IBM At the Hot Chips 2010 conference, IBM announced their upcoming z196 CPU, which is really, really fast. How fast? Fastest chip in the world fast. Intended for Z-series mainframe computers, the Z196 has a clock speed of 5.2GHz. Measuring just 512 square millimeters, the Z196 is fabricated on 45nm PD SOI technology, and on its surface contains almost one and a half billion transistors. My... Processor is bigger than yours.
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by Bill Shooter of Bul on Fri 27th Aug 2010 17:32 UTC in reply to "Comment by kaiwai"
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Who are the biggest cloud companies now, and how are they doing it?


I believe all of them are using the multiple cheap server route. They aren't all forthcoming with their methodology or reasoning for their architecture, but I think that leads me to think that Mainframes don't look like they'll have much of a future in cloud computing.

Of course, I trust my own predictions in technology less than I do the weatherman's daily forecasts. But if I had to make a bet, I wouldn't bet on clouds in big iron.

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