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Mozilla & Gecko clones Today, Mozilla released the fourth beta of Firefox 4.0. After a period of what I would call stagnation, the Mozilla team are back on track with delivering interesting UI concepts. They were sensible enough to copy Chrome's excellent tabs-on-top UI, but have now also added something called Panorama, a new and very interesting way of managing your open tabs.
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RE: Tabs are messy
by reez on Sat 28th Aug 2010 00:00 UTC in reply to "Tabs are messy"
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One thing I do like in Firefox though is AdBlock Plus. I still haven't seen a good alternative for Chrome which can block commercials from,, youtube etc. so for those website I still start Firefox (I have been a Firefox user for years until it became too slow, bloated and unstable).

I don't know how good it is. But why not use srware iron?
It has an Adblocker and is better when it comes to privacy and licensing stuff:

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