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Legal Most of us here are not particularly big fans of the concept of patents. Most of us are aware of the significance of patents, we just believe the system has gone out of control and needs a serious kick in the butt. Well, it turns out not even the richest people on this earth are immune to the call of the patent troll. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has filed a massive patent lawsuit, using broad and vague patents to sue just about any big name in the business - from Apple to Google.
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Because just the other day they were threatening to file a lawsuit against Google over H264 codec. We also know Apple has an obsession with patenting everything. Please, do not bring Microsoft's name into this either saying its some conspiracy, the guy left the Company ages ago, this is from his other investments part of Vulcan ventures.

The problem with a lot of persons who a quick blame everything on Microsoft is, they like pick and choose who they blame. When its Apple, oh they are just protecting their innovation, when its IBM, they should do it. I don't want to hear anything bad about Microsoft on this matter. If you have a problem with Paul, have a problem with Paul and leave it at that.

You're a joke. IBM patents the concept of patenting the concept of patenting, for every thought they call R&D.

They filed probably 10x more patents, per year than the top 9 following behind them.

Apple's not even close to them. But just keep dreaming it's not true and Apple is the king of patenting.

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