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Windows In what has surprised me greatly, nobody has submitted anything to us regarding this day in the history of computing. Sure, memories of her may not be fond, and with the magical unicorn power of hindsight you'd rather forget you ever dated her so intensely, but she served a purpose. She led a revolution that changed the world forever, and while you may have hoped for a more charismatic leader, I think it's unfair not to honour the fact that she turned 15 today.
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RE: I was there
by eMPee584 on Sun 29th Aug 2010 01:34 UTC in reply to "I was there"
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Then came Win95 .. to much blue.. way to much blue.. 2 hours of uptime was considered very good.

Yes yes oh hell yeah. How much precious time was wasted, work and ideas destroyed, bad emotions spawned - on a global scale. What a suffering computers have been back than. The inherent insecurity of windows's handling of privileges (which paved the way for today's virii, trojan and malware plague), chaotic operating system structure, buggy broken code and the curse of binary compatibility are things the world would better have been off without.

However, the BILLIONS Mr. Gates extracted selling low-quality software are now being used in the fight against poverty, on a grand scale. And indeed, a computer on every desktop has become reality. So yes, Windows 95 changed the world indeed, bringing computing to the masses. The good, the bad - and the ugly.
Happy fscking Birthday 95.

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