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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The OpenSolaris governing board fell on its collective sword Monday and resigned en masse after Oracle continued to ignore its ultimatum to appoint a liaison guy to work with it on the future of the open source project. The move was anticlimactic to say the least. Oracle last week leaked an internal e-mail into the wild effectively saying OpenSolaris is dead. The news of the mass resignation, coupled with Oracle suing Google claiming Android infringes on its Java patents, had Adobe's director of open source and standards David McAllister casting Oracle as the New Microsoft and saying "the axis of evil has shifted south about 850 miles or so".
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RE[2]: I'm an OpenSolaris user
by vivainio on Sun 29th Aug 2010 16:20 UTC in reply to "RE: I'm an OpenSolaris user"
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From what I understand it appears that Oracle is putting more money into Solaris than Sun ever did - for example there is in developed to replace all other power backends a (and scheduled for release 2011Q4) libpower that'll provide a unified framework for power management which will hopefully be exposed in a nice user friendly way as an alternative to the upower backend used in GNOME at the moment.

upower is not "gnome technology", it's desktop linux technology.

libpower seems (on superficial glance - quick googling didn't tell much, as opposed to what I found by googling for upower) to be something that predates, and is made redundant by, upower.

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