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Java Well, this is about as surprising as Fiona Apple being awesome in every possible way. Google has announced that it has withdrawn itself from JavaOne, an annual conference on, well, Java. The cited reason? Oracle suing Google over Android's use of Java, of course.
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Bad Oracle
by theuserbl on Mon 30th Aug 2010 12:11 UTC
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In a german forum
there have someone mentioned, that on 2007 the Sun CEO have congratulated Google for Android:
" I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of others from Sun in offering my heartfelt congratulations to Google on the announcement of their new Java/Linux phone platform, Android. Congratulations!"

But Oracle see it now little bit different.

Additional german Java-User are unhappy with Oracle:

The german iJUG (interest-network of Java User Groups) have published its statement about Oracle:

"The german iJUG is a umbrella organization of nine german Java User Groups and a german Oracle User Group.

The iJUG criticised that on the last events of Oracle nothing was said about the future of Java.
Additional the common Blogs and Twitter places publishing a lot of lesser informations.

A different problem is seen, that Oracle don't say anything about the relationship between its OpenSource products and the commercial variants like on GlassFish. "Oracle always say, its the same products with different license", said iJUG board member and leader of the Java User Group Erlangen/N├╝rnberg Oliver Szymanski, "but currently don't exists a evidence for it". Additional the behavior with OpenJDK7 and the future of JDK7 is unclear.

After the disappointed session of Oracle on the Java Forum Stattgart in Germany it stand in discussion, if the Java-Community should take the future of Java in its own hand. "For example you could much stronger agree for a further stage of OpenJDK", said Tobias Frech from the Java User Group Stuttgart. "JavaFX wants the community as OpenSource, too, to have the possibility to further develop it".

Kristian Rink from the Java User Group Saxony thinks to the same direction: "The technical aspects of the JVM should be within the scope of the JCP completly from the community and interested stakeholder done." For the JVM and JDK should be - in his opinion - the existing Sun-implementation as product-proof implementation by an Oracle-extern, open and company-independend unit like Apache or the Eclipse realised, which besiedes long-term ensuring of availability both technologies for development/evolution and priduct-distribution, additional respect the interests of the stakeholder in technical details and realizing it, without to be too much handicapped with the own product- and project-planing.

Concretely the users have questions like:
- Will be Java in the future further on created within the JCP? When yes, when will be a JSR for Java 7 start?
- Comming license-changes for the Java runtime, the JDK or JavaFX, especially with a view of the current lawsuit Oracle/Google?
- What plans Oracle to do long-term with duplications of much programs under one roof (GlassFish / WebLogic, Sun JDK / JRockit, Netbeans / JDeveloper)?
- Will Oracle be hold the Sun-policy, to not deploy its own patent rights against Open-Source-implementations?
- What happens with the Java Store?
- What happens with the former Sun employees?

The Java-Community is relative big and heterogeneous. There exists lot of commercial and non-commercail units, which its business operations, projects and activities have based on Java as the current ecosystem and which have hence a legitimate interest to have a continuousness of the status quo.
Java-developer telling however the iJUG permanent about project, where the use of Java would be sensible, but because of different reasons fail and other technologies have been used. "We giving Oracle time until the JavaOne on september", Fried Saacke sum up. "If there will be nothing satisfiable communicated, we will think about alternative strategies."

The iJUG have already spoken with Oracle about the mentioned problems and the company have appreciated it. Now the user waiting urging, that the producer appropriate react."

But there are also people, which have no hope in JavaONE 2010.

In a forum someone have mentioned Larry Ellisons comments from JavaONE 2009 and what is happend.

Larry Ellison says on JavaONE 2009

- Enthusiasm for JavaFX:

> Going to JavaFX is going to let us build fantastic UIs in Java,
> and we hope, we encourage the OpenOffice group to quickly build
> their version of a spread sheet or a word app using JavaFX.

Idiot! - The people behind Suns OpenOffice-Team will be touched its haeds...

- Concentration to mobile applications:

> You will see us get very aggressive in developing Java applications
> for things like telephones and netbooks...
> there will be computers that are based on Java and JavaFX
> and devices based on Java and JavaFX, not only from Google but also from Sun.

Gasbag! - Nothing happend in this area!

- Steady by Java:

> Look at the past to see the future. We will do more of the same,
> no large changes, more investment and enthousiasm coming in from Oracle.

This is true: Around Java is currently not much happend;
only Java EE 6 was released.

- This are the importants themes on 2009.

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