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Legal Remember that other tablet, which came out right around the same time the iPad was released? Yeah, the joojoo, by Fusion Garage. During its development, it was known as the CrunchPad, and emerged out of some form of collaboration between Michael Arrington's TechCrunch and Chandrasekhar Rathakrisnan's Fusion Garage. Things went sour between the two, and eventually, Fusion Garage released the joojoo on its own. Consequently, Arrington sued, and we've got the first major court decision.
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But for business, the lowest he could lose would be to have the case entirely dismissed if he didn't pay for marketing (I didn't see it) or manufacturing: it was DOA when released, and undoubtedly has been only pure loss, and with its limited capability and horrid battery life has no chance against the far better engineering of the iPad for both software and hardware for usability. Sorry, even though it claims to support Flash (which it does badly) doesn't make up for all the other flaws.

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