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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Mozilla has announced a new alpha release of its Fennec mobile browser for Android and the Nokia N900. Fennec offers support for add-ons and has tight integration with Firefox Sync, a browser synchronization service that was formerly called Weave. The support for Firefox Sync is arguably Fennec's killer feature, especially because Mozilla is planing to include the synchronization features out-of-the-box in Firefox 4. Users will be able to have access to the their bookmarks, browsing history, and tabs across all of their computers and supported mobile devices."
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RE: Fennec on N900
by fretinator on Tue 31st Aug 2010 01:10 UTC in reply to "Fennec on N900"
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Sure, Opera doesn't sport addon functionality, but otherwise it seems to have all the same functionality, including support for all the same CSS tricks and all and yet comparing Fennec to Opera is like comparing night to day. How come?

1. The extra layer of open-source goodness.
2. Opera keeps all of the bits in cold storage prior to release.
3. [truth] Opera has a boat-load of experience making mobile browsers [/truth]

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