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Apple Since interesting news that I'm actually knowledgeable about is still a little hard to come by, I have to work a little harder. This is something interesting to discuss: John Gruber, rather famous Apple blogger, is now arguing that Apple is in fact not fighting the jailbreaking community. Wait, what?
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RE: Voiding the warranty
by umccullough on Tue 31st Aug 2010 01:43 UTC in reply to "Voiding the warranty"
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Why? If I buy a new PC, format the hard drive and install whatever I want, should that also void my warranty? And what are smartphones other than pocket-sized PCs?

The correct analogy in this case would be that you bought a new PC and re-flashed the BIOS with a hacked version.

Say as a result you perhaps bricked the machine, or something went wrong with the overvoltage/overheat protection logic and it caused your mainboard to fry.

I'd say the manufacturer has a pretty good case for voiding your warranty (assuming this was disclosed in the terms).

Most "consumer devices" are not designed to be user-hacked - phones, game consoles, GPS units, etc. generally fall into this category.

On the other hand, your PC is designed (for the most part) to run any suitable OS - there are numerous ways built into the BIOS which allow booting alternative OSes from the start.

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