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Apple Since interesting news that I'm actually knowledgeable about is still a little hard to come by, I have to work a little harder. This is something interesting to discuss: John Gruber, rather famous Apple blogger, is now arguing that Apple is in fact not fighting the jailbreaking community. Wait, what?
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1. Where's the outrage against Moto for shipping the DroidX locked down by the OMAP M-Shield, which securely prevents users from rooting their machine? How dare they! Why for the love of sales, would they cripple the device so totally for people who want free usage? And how many websites have even MENTIONED that this popular device has been more securely locked down than the iPhone?

2. Where is the outrage against AT&T for selling Androids that are locked against sidegrades? What?!? Androids can't run whatever software you want?

3. How dare Google remotely wipe an app off users' phones, without so much as a "may I?" Just because it supplied user data, after users agreed to?

4. What gives that Google is keeping functional, correctly-advertised apps out of their store, just because a user might bypass a carrier tariff?

5. Google is now engaging in an arms race with people like a poster here who want to try out apps before buying, by advising a complicated usage monitoring scheme for developers to integrate into their code. (Alas, it is both potentially a show-stopper for legit users with a lousy connection, and also so lame that it will crumble against the sort of effort that is common for popular PC games.) "Phone home" has a new meaning, as does "customer service" now that developers will be responsible for tracking illicit use of their apps, dealing with billing and delivery fuckups on the Android Store.

Let's hear about how awful Google, other manufacturers and the carriers are, in the same breath as Apple's sins, eh? Because otherwise, it just looks naïve. Or totally hypocritical. Or downright dishonest.

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There's an easy answer, however: virtually every excluded app, every missing feature such as Google Voice, tethering or VoIP, all the increasingly-strong lockdowns, are dictated by the carriers. iPhones, Androids, BlackBerrys, virtually all devices (in the US) are sold under terms that the carrier specifies and enforces.

Nobody over the age of 12 who cares about phones should forget all that 2007 hoohah about AT&T being concerned about zombie botnets taking down their precious service, or forget how Apple provided tethering many months before AT&T deigned to put the meter on it. Ditto for why Moto would raise their manufacturing costs, cut attractiveness and PO customers with M-Shield.

Apple struck a deal with AT&T that nobody here has seen and Verizon has jumped back into the game with a range of Android manufacturers, each device more restricted than its predecessor, now that Verizon thinks it has achieved parity between Droid and iPhone.

The outrage against Apple might be phony, just as phony as Google's widely-broadcast claims that they started the Android project (in 2005!) to keep Apple from monopolizing the mobile internet. They don't let facts stand in their way, no sir! Or, it may be from EFF types who don't realize that they're being used by the carriers to gain market-share advantage, all the while being able to neuter users' net-neutrality with the push of a button.

Either way, it looks rather simplistic. Apple just has their ecosystem a bit better figured and admits that they're out than the late-comers, who are busy with the baling wire and duct tape as we watch, locking down every mobile internet device.

PS: There IS the little matter of how Apple responded to Adobe's lies about why there's no Flash on the iPhone. (The obvious reason, that Adobe has only 42 months after the iPhone, managed to support phones with 3X /8X the CPU/RAM as the original iPhone, is never discussed by them.) They're certainly the last company I'd want anywhere close to MY oxygen hose. Anybody who wants to champion Adobe's genius successes on other phones as indication of why Apple should've delayed the iPhone by 3 years, step right up.

PPS: no matter how strong the logic above seems to me, you'd have me if there were serious security holes in iOS that Apple left UNPATCHED because it only crashes the phone and there isn't a possible jailbreak tied to it. Got any to cite?

PPPS: just because I hate to read BS encouraged by dishonest marketing types doesn't mean I didn't jb my old 3G when I had a chance. Legal, and useful to me for an upcoming trip -- a more useful user mod than most of the apps I've bought.

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