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Apple Since interesting news that I'm actually knowledgeable about is still a little hard to come by, I have to work a little harder. This is something interesting to discuss: John Gruber, rather famous Apple blogger, is now arguing that Apple is in fact not fighting the jailbreaking community. Wait, what?
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There's more to that
by koffie on Tue 31st Aug 2010 10:36 UTC
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Of-course Apple has act against jailbreaking. Don't forget they have a few obligations and interests, both commercial and legal.

First off, there's AT&T. Should be obvious they don't want jail-breaking since it potentially opens the phone towards other networks.

Secondly, there's the FCC. All devices on the carrier's networks have to be validated by them. Having a phone wide-open results in Apple not being able to guarantee that the phones will not be used to disturb the workings of the cellular networks (which have been proven to have very weak security).

Thirdly, there is are the applications on the phones. Unlike consoles like the Wii, where primary uses for breaking into the console is piracy, there's also a valid use to install custom, unauthorized - but usefull applications, directly competing with their Appstore. That however, does not mean piracy is not an issue, because it certainly is. Apps are pirated, and Apple should do as much as possible to protect it's loyal developers pushing apps onto the stores and relying on them to pay for their bills. Additionally it's also a revenue stream for Apple.

While jailbreaking on itself can be very nice and useful, it's certainly not all that positive or ethical. No company would pretend it's all good and just allow it. Just look at copy-protection-schemes and DRM. In that regards, Apple is very customer-oriented, where they don't want the security to get into the way of their vision of the "user experience" - and they're doing a pretty damn good job imo. I'm pretty sure Apple knows that sooner or later, holes will be found, and a jailbreak-method will be out but from their pov, they just have to act to prevent it, but it's not like they're spending huge amounts on locking down the entire phone.

PS: my iphone is jailbroken.

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