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Apple Since interesting news that I'm actually knowledgeable about is still a little hard to come by, I have to work a little harder. This is something interesting to discuss: John Gruber, rather famous Apple blogger, is now arguing that Apple is in fact not fighting the jailbreaking community. Wait, what?
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Apple doesn't fight very hard
by ctwise on Tue 31st Aug 2010 11:48 UTC
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This whole conversation seems blown out of proportion. It's mainly a discussion of semantics and viewpoint. So let's just focus on the facts.

- iPhones have been jailbroken since the early days
- Jailbreak exploits survive release after release
- There are no active systems in place that check for jailbroken phones
- There are no negative technical actions taken against jailbroken phones
- Apple has tried to get jailbreaking a phone declared illegal

In general, Apple is lackadaisical about plugging security holes used to jailbreak phones. If you can use a security hole to root a device over the network - that's fixed quickly - if you can only use it by physically connecting to the device - they take their time.

What, I believe, Gruber is saying, is exactly that. Apple hasn't declared all out war on jailbreakers. Let's put our thinking caps on and put together a list of simple ways Apple could mess with jailbroken phones.

- They could scan the phones on connection to iTunes, looking for jailbreak signatures and suspend iTunes accounts.
- They could brick phones that contain jailbreak signatures.
- They could report users to carriers that have jailbreak tethering apps.
- They could plug jailbreak holes with point releases.

And these are just the simplest things that they could do. But they don't. They mostly ignore jailbreaking. To the point that their former spokesmen was on a talk show with his jailbroken phone projected for the world to see.

I'm with one of the other posters, I wish Apple would provide a known path to jailbreaking devices. A supported API to bypass the Apple eco-system. You have to press the "Yes, I know I'm losing my warranty by doing this and there's no guarantee my jailbreak apps will survive updates, button" but no security holes would be necessary. But I'm not holding my breath.

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