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IBM At the Hot Chips 2010 conference, IBM announced their upcoming z196 CPU, which is really, really fast. How fast? Fastest chip in the world fast. Intended for Z-series mainframe computers, the Z196 has a clock speed of 5.2GHz. Measuring just 512 square millimeters, the Z196 is fabricated on 45nm PD SOI technology, and on its surface contains almost one and a half billion transistors. My... Processor is bigger than yours.
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RE[2]: Slooooow cpu.
by juwi on Tue 31st Aug 2010 14:37 UTC in reply to "RE: Slooooow cpu."
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Actually IBM doesn't allow Benchmarking those machines, they'll sue you if you do. From experience I can tell that his calculation using simple math is about right. Those machines are ridiculously slow when you look at the price. Theres really only two reasons for using those machines.
One is RAS.. which SUN, HP and Nehalem EX can offer as well at a much lower price point and usually with more performance.
Two is when you're using old code. Find someone that'll port your old COBOL Applications to something.. new. When you've found him ask what he wants for doing it. In that case the mainframe really is cheaper and imo thats the only reasons for using those machines.

Sun and HP have been bragging about the poor Performance Mainframes deliver for years - they definitely did so for a reason.
Bragging alone just doesn't help against IBMs sales tactics which are currently being investigated by the FCC and others though.

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