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Apple Since interesting news that I'm actually knowledgeable about is still a little hard to come by, I have to work a little harder. This is something interesting to discuss: John Gruber, rather famous Apple blogger, is now arguing that Apple is in fact not fighting the jailbreaking community. Wait, what?
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RE[5]: Voiding the warranty
by bogomipz on Tue 31st Aug 2010 14:44 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Voiding the warranty"
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Hardware should be designed such that it cannot be physically damaged by software, and so that whatever state the hardware gets in it's always possible to return it to a default state.

Well, not being able to hurt the hardware itself is one thing. There is, however, one little other problem with devices containing radio transmitters, such as wireless routers and mobile phones.

The power you are allowed to send with, or the the frequencies that are allowed to send at, may vary from region to region. In such cases, the hardware manufacturer will use a single hardware design, but flash it with different firmwares depending on where the unit is to be sold.

Often, people that flash their wireless routers do it in order to turn up the radio power. Perhaps unknowingly, they might tune it up to a level that is not legal in their country, which could be a bit of a problem. Especially if some people think the manufacturer should be held responsible - then it means that they cannot allow their customers to install third party firmware, and the geeks stop liking the company..

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