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Fedora Core I've been using Linux for four years, with the majority of that time spent using Red Hat distributions. I liked Fedora Core 1, but I was not impressed by Fedora Core 2 and its annoying bugs. Fedora Core 3 made up for the shortcomings of its predecessor. Now Fedora Core 4 is out, and unfortunately, it's a mixed bag.
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Bleeding edge not always best way to go
by JeffS on Thu 14th Jul 2005 17:21 UTC
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The article was poorly written, but brought up good points.

This review is not the only one that has pointed out problems with FC4.

The problem (and advantage) with Fedora Core is that it always remains bleeding edge, which is, of course, a double edged sword. Linux enthusiasts tend to have a non-stop appetite for "the latest and greatest", thus always want to check out the latest releases of software. Fedora Core plays to this audience, and benefits RHEL because Fedora Core and it's audience weed out the problems before new stuff is incorporated into RHEL.

But this is not always the best way to go for many people. For people who want their Linux installations to "just work" and not have many problems, it's better to go with a more conservative distro. For those who like FC/Red Hat, and don't want to pay the large price for RHEL, CentOS fits the bill.

As for me, I'm in no rush to get FC4. I like new stuff, but not at the cost of stability or unnecessary bugs. I'm currently running SimplyMepis 3.3.1 (which features the older KDE 3.3, for instance), FC2, and Mandrake 10. All of these are pretty stable and bug free. I might check out FC4 in another 5 or 6 months, after the bugs have been worked out. But not now.

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