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Legal Just when you thought the Amiga world was finally getting its act together, finally making things a little less obtuse for outsiders, this happens. So, we have the AmigaOne X1000 coming up, a brand-new PowerPC computer, running the real deal - AmigaOS 4. In the meantime, Commodore USA - the one with the sketchy website - has apparently secured rights to the Amiga hardware brand, and is planning to release Amiga-branded computers running AROS. In the meantime, Hyperion, the Belgium company behind AmigaOS, who is working with A-eon on the AmigaOne X1000, claims this is a clear violation of the settlement between them and Amiga Inc., and has notified its US lawyers.
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What was the settlement agreement?
by tmcd35 on Wed 1st Sep 2010 14:50 UTC
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How accurate is the report linked to regarding the Hyperion and Amiga Inc. settlement agreement?

I asked because I just reread that older story and it appears from that that Hyperion have the exclusive rights to version 3.1, 4 and 5 of the Amiga OS and putting that on any hardware platform.

They also appear to have the rights to use the "AmigaOS" brand and the bouncing ball logo.

There is no mention in that story of the "Amiga" brand. So did they agree the exclusive rights to that or not? Sounds like (unless theres been some misreporting on the Hyperion agreement, or I've mis-read something (likely)) that Hyperion have made a big mistake and Commodore have beaten them to the punch!

Still these stories are better than watching Eastenders, and are more entertaining than who Apple/Microsoft/Google are sueing/being sued by this week.

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