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Apple "When it comes to Apple products, the iPad and the iPhone get all the headlines. But in recent years, the company's Macintosh line of computers has enjoyed a remarkable revival that has been vital to Apple's emergence as the most valued technology company on Wall Street. In the latest sign of that comeback, Autodesk plans to announce on Tuesday that it is bringing its flagship AutoCAD design and engineering software to the Mac for the first time in nearly two decades."
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The actual cost of AutoCAD is really not that much of a deal considering other business expenses associated with the type of business which use that product, and the return of investment is rather obvious.

There are actually competing CAD packages which are even more expensive than AutoCAD, if anything AutoCAD was viewed as the cheaper alternative during most of the 80s and early 90s.

Oh, and there is also another thing that most companies need when purchasing these type of packages: support.

You'll find out that the reality of how business operates may be in stark contrast from the perspective of an individual who is not in the position of purchasing such products.

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