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Legal Well, this was rather unexpected. As it turns out, Commodore USA's CEO Barry Altman isn't particularly pleased about the article I wrote earlier today in which I placed a considerable amount of scepticism with regards to Commodore USA and its business (and website). He (not his lawyer) sent us a threatening email demanding we take down the article, post a new correction article, the whole shebang. The entire email - as an image, you'll want the original formatting - after the break. Our reply? We refer you to the reply given in the case of Arkell v. Pressdram.
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Not the best move
by bbell on Wed 1st Sep 2010 21:05 UTC
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I don't think this move on the part of Commodore LLC is such a good idea.

It only makes the views of OSnews ring true.

I would have rather seen a note explaining everything missing from the news release, including clarifying the legal issues.

I do think selling computers like the Amiga and older 8-bit computers would be cool, and I would almost be tempted to buy one to play with.

I think the Amiga concept is interesting, and the look-a-like 8-bit machines too. As far as having a PC inside it, I would think something like a C64 DTV board inside would be even more interesting (with all the connections working for the I/O like disk drives/joysticks etc.). But I suppose an option with PC guts in it might sell as well. I would probably use it as a retro looking media PC.

As far as where the fellow operates from it doesn't surprise me its not a huge setup -- the number of retro fans is somewhat limited. If it were me I would start from my house too! If it takes off then look for a larger operation.

Anyways I will still wait to see these C64 shaped machines and the Amiga machines (particularly if priced reasonably IE wife proof).

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