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Legal Well, this was rather unexpected. As it turns out, Commodore USA's CEO Barry Altman isn't particularly pleased about the article I wrote earlier today in which I placed a considerable amount of scepticism with regards to Commodore USA and its business (and website). He (not his lawyer) sent us a threatening email demanding we take down the article, post a new correction article, the whole shebang. The entire email - as an image, you'll want the original formatting - after the break. Our reply? We refer you to the reply given in the case of Arkell v. Pressdram.
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RE: Take a chill pill
by Soulbender on Thu 2nd Sep 2010 03:39 UTC in reply to "Take a chill pill"
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Do you realise that it made no sense to invest in a fancy website until we had the trademark licenses sorted out?

Maybe you shouldnt actually put up a page at all before that is sorted out? You know, so you actually had a product that you can legally sell before putting them on your products page?
Anyway, how does this excuse stealing other companies copyrighted images and material? How does this excuse presenting incorrect information regarding the products and what OS they can run?

That you don't think we have the trademarks licensed is rather insulting, both to us, and the people who actually own the trademarks.

Uh, you just said you don't. If you had one you wouldnt still be "sorting it out". In the process of acquiring one != have one.

It's a pity things cannot emerge fully realised from day one, but that is not the way things work

Maybe you should spend more time working on actual products and creating your own web site content rather than threatening people who express an opinion.
Just sayin'.

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