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Legal Well, this is kind of funny. Steve Wozniak, still an Apple employee, has defended Paul Allen and patent trolls in general. "I'm not at all against the idea of patent trolls cause I've had friends who just got forced into bankruptcy by bigger people who had more money and could have a lawsuit against them, forced them to be their own lawyers, and in the end, sometimes they're victorious. But it's a real hard way to do it. So if you're going to have a patent and say 'It's worth some money, I'll sell it', well, even if Paul Allen makes a fortune off of it, I think he had the insights to recognize which patents were valuable." Apple is one of the companies Allen is suing.
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I find it unlikely that the current patent system in the US is going to change. There's big money to be made there and the people who can afford to do lobbying are not going to pass such a great opportunity.

It's not in the best interest of consumers, technology and development, but the kind of people who decide on this things do not care about consumers, technology or development -- their idea of "long term" spans only as far as "retirement",

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