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Legal Well, this was rather unexpected. As it turns out, Commodore USA's CEO Barry Altman isn't particularly pleased about the article I wrote earlier today in which I placed a considerable amount of scepticism with regards to Commodore USA and its business (and website). He (not his lawyer) sent us a threatening email demanding we take down the article, post a new correction article, the whole shebang. The entire email - as an image, you'll want the original formatting - after the break. Our reply? We refer you to the reply given in the case of Arkell v. Pressdram.
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RE[2]: Not the best move
by Raffaele on Thu 2nd Sep 2010 09:35 UTC in reply to "RE: Not the best move"
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this site has tracked the Amiga/Commodore fiasco probably longer than this guy has held the rights ownership... pushing 10 years now. These are the fans waited for year with false hope and more bickering. If anybody is going to even care about a still vital brand it's these folks that have purchased NEW machines running.

Fixed your un-informed incorrect statement... ;-P

Correct your statement I'd bet the Plantiff doesn't even OWN a working Commodore machine.

That's plain sure...

There's over 100 articles just on OSNews that reference Commodore going back to 1997! They fail nearly every single time.

Again uninformed.

Commodore is actually based in Netherlands and Commodore Gaming controlled brand produces High-End really Pumped-Up Computers for really geek core gamers and the other Commodore brand produces little electronic devices such as Commodre64 DTV (See wikipedia), and other thingies like MP3 devices, and data media such as blank CDs and DVDs for anyday usage.

(but Duke Nukem still hold the record, so they fail at that too.)

Really? I did not spotted such this huge number of Duke Nukem Articles here on OS-News site.

Perhaps you are referring to other sites?

We have a better chance of seen BeOS/BeNews come back again than a Commodore machine.


Evidences said you fail at failing.

Next time be more informed about Computer Manufacturer Companies and brand buy & sellings, and/or their moving to Europe or moving to USA and vice-versa.

Computer world is very sparkling about passages of properties of brands.,242

Commodore XX launched in 2007 sporting Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core 3GHz QX6850 CPU was really at top of gaming experience, and also the custom cases were very attractive (European based CBM cases were super cooled and extermely customized, and only the case costs about 200 Euro).


Commodore is actually based in Europe and Commodore IS NOT Amiga, and AMIGA IS NOT COMMODORE.

They have in the past a common experience, as commodore get the Amiga brand for some time, but Amiga lived its own live since the Commodore CBM USA demise in 1994 (And being precise it was a volunteer bankruptcy and ceasing of activities, decided on its own will, directly by Commodore owner and CEO canadian millionaire Irving Gould who did not want to renew funds to the Commodore firm and preferred to cease activities), and Commodore lives actually its own life branded as Commodore International a firm controlled by Netherland group Yeahronimo.

P.S. It seems to me AFAIK that Netherland group Yeahronimo has ceased activities and the brand Commodore was sold in 2010 to (Anonymous???/Not well known???) China Venture Capital Electronics Manufacturing Group.

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