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Legal Well, this was rather unexpected. As it turns out, Commodore USA's CEO Barry Altman isn't particularly pleased about the article I wrote earlier today in which I placed a considerable amount of scepticism with regards to Commodore USA and its business (and website). He (not his lawyer) sent us a threatening email demanding we take down the article, post a new correction article, the whole shebang. The entire email - as an image, you'll want the original formatting - after the break. Our reply? We refer you to the reply given in the case of Arkell v. Pressdram.
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A shoddy website does not mean the company is not legitimate, it just means they hired a cowboy web designer or tried to do it themselves...
I encounter a lot of legitimate businesses, some of which are fairly large (30+ employees working in an actual physical office, real customers, actual products or services you can buy etc)... Who have absolutely appalling websites full of validation errors, shoddy/outdated/bloated markup and even spelling mistakes.

Their site actually offers products for sale, has anyone actually tried purchasing one of them to see if it gets shipped?

Sure, their products may just be rebadged versions of someone else's products, but how many other companies do just that, or even just reselling without even rebranding?

And how many other companies announce vaporware products, many of which never see the light of day... Anyone remember WinFS?

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