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Apple Well, this is an interesting double standard. Remember Apple's reaction to Palm trying to tap into iTunes? They were pretty pissed, right? Well, it seems that in Apple's world, it's not okay to access their services unauthorised, but when Apple needs to do the same to someone else's services, it's suddenly not a problem. As it turns out, Apple violated Facebook's terms of service, knowingly, and willingly.
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RE: Hypocrisy?
by WereCatf on Fri 3rd Sep 2010 04:30 UTC in reply to "Hypocrisy?"
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Corporations are legally and ethically obligated to optimise shareholder profit by any means.

Actually incorrect. There is no law against running a company poorly and producing no income to the shareholders as long as shareholders themselves are happy. Of course the shareholders will want as high income as possible, but the law doesn't actually require you to do anything possible to ensure that.

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