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Apple Ping would have been a great thing for Apple to have done about 3-4 years ago, but at this point, the Social Networking thing has pretty much played itself out, picked its winners, and we've all moved on. Apple went to all the trouble to make a deal with a golf company, and all we got was a third rate social network? First of all, in what is probably just a temporary setback, Ping is choked with spam, but more importantly, it's just a sucky social network.
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Another thing
by Ikshaar on Fri 3rd Sep 2010 20:22 UTC
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I would also point out that Facebook is a website-based social network, therefore OS-agnostic, and open to all.

Ping is an iTunes-based social networking, therefore limited to iTunes users (on compatible OS only) and therefore Ping userbase is by essence a subset of its iTunes userbase. As a non user of iTunes, I cannot join Ping even if I wanted to.

Indeed I put Ping in the same fold as Buzz and Xbox live, niche social networking unable to ever grow as they are tied to a limited userbase (Xbox owner, gmail user, etc...).

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