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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The iPad pretty much has the tablet market all to itself at this point, since no serious competitor has yet been released. We've been teased to death with the first real competitor, a device from Samsung called the Galaxy Tab. It has been officially unveiled today, and it indeed looks like the first serious competition to the iPad. It runs Android, naturally.
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For all the complaints about apple there are a few things that they have got right. The biggest in my view is their strength against the carriers... what do you I mean? The answer is simple. On all the apple wireless products there is no bloatware, no carrier cruft, they don't hold back updates waiting for some monkey to check that the bloatware works at a satisfactory level.. When I look over the fence at ALL of the competing mobile platforms they are all suffering from the same poor reputation with users for the simple fact that the carriers and handset manufacturers are contaminating the experience with either bad software that they install, holding back the software updates required to fix stuff... the list goes on and on and on.. Now we have the Galaxy tab and all I can see it offering is a bigger screen to install more bloatware... The carriers are going to love it.. 300 pieces of bloatware running on the same screen at the same time... intead of the usual 50 pieces. AWESOME!!!

Common Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nokia.. Get a grip users don't want the carrier to install software, hold back updates until it suits them.. we are not talking about phones here.. we are talking about SMART Phones.. they are more PC than phone.. </end rant>

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